About Us

Know about the ideology behind Smiles.Care, how a small team of motivated individuals decided to take matters into their own hands.

Our Vision

To uplift the oppressed human spirit through compassion and understanding by providing the economic, moral and social support at all levels

NGO Smiles Care has established its base in village Tangra in Punjab. NGO Smiles Care has currently rented out a space and a playground in village Tangra as its first Campus. We run a free evening school from village Tangra. We are currently working on 50000 Shoe To Give Mission after successful completion of 10000 Shoe To Give mission in two years. Under Shoe Giving mission, the NGO focuses on providing footwear to those who need it most. The mission majorly covers Government Elementary Schools and Slums. Along with Evening School and Shoe Giving Mission, NGO also works on helping critical medical cases, Providing shelter to needy families, Fee payment of needy kids etc.