Care To Educate initiative

Chapter is dedicated to Care To Educate initiative, where the team helps in fundraising which goes to a student who need to pay his or her fee for higher education.


1. Haspreet kaur

Haspreet Kaur needs financial help for pursuing her B.Tech. Her parents are unable to pay her pending fees. We request you to please kindly support. She needs total help of Rs.20,000.

Achieved till now - Rs.20000 (100%)
Funds to be raised - Rs.20000


1. Sameer - Rs. 5000
2. Gurveer Kaur - Rs.1000
3. Anonymous - Rs.2000
4. Jasmeet Singh - Rs.1100
5. Gurpreet Singh - Rs.10125
6. Amandeep Singh Canada - Rs.775

2. Sadika

Sadika's parents were unable to pay her daughter's school fee of Rs.1500/-. Smiles.Care is continuously helping such bright students to study further and helping them to achieve their dreams.

Achieved till now - Rs.1500 (100%)
Funds to be raised - Rs.1500


1. Harminder Singh - Rs. 1500

3. Gurmilap Singh and Gursanjog Singh

Smiles.Care is helping Gurmilap Singh and Gursanjog Singh, from village Tangra, who needs financial help to continue their education.

Achieved till now - Rs.10,000 (100%)
Funds to be raised - Rs.10,000
(including school fee, transportation, stationary)


1. Ashima - Rs. 14500
2. Swati Thakur - Rs. 11000
3. Vikas Bawa - Rs.15000

4. Ashay Kumar

Smiles.Care is helping Ashay Kumar, from village Tangra, who needs financial help to continue his higher education. He has studied till 12th by working part time in his village. He is very hardworking and wants to take help of the NGO for his graduation fee, travel and books. He also promises to start giving back to NGO once he starts with a stable job.

Achieved till now - Rs.12,600 (100%)
Funds to be raised - Rs.12,600
(including college fee/tution fee, transportation, books)


1. Manvinder Singh Walia - Rs. 9600
2. Ligi John - Rs. 1000
3. Faraz Khan - Rs. 2000