2 year old girl Khushi

A two-year-old girl Khushi who has tumour in her leg and belongs to a very poor family. Her family have migrated to Amritsar for their livelihood and living on rent. She needs an urgent financial help for her tumour operation in which may be doctors need to cut her leg but her life will be saved. Her operation is scheduled on October 5th, 2019. Her family approached us for her operation and we are successful in finding a donor for her within one day. Now we can save her life and also we can save the smile on faces of her parents. We thanks Mr. Kawaljit Singh for helping her in such a short time period with INR 35000.

Funds to be raised - Rs.35000
Achieved till now - Rs.35000(100% approx.)


1.Mr. Kawaljit Singh - Rs. 35000

Contact us at ngo@smiles.care, 1800 121-2009 (Toll Free).