Contribute for Manjot Kaur, who needs help to buy hearing aid for both her ears.

Fully Funded

Manjot Kaur

Manjot Kaur needs help to buy hearing aid for both her ears as from childhood she is living with hearing loss. To buy hearing aid we need to help her with Rs.38,000. She has been consulted by Dr. Ruchika Grover from Amritsar.

Funds to be raised - Rs.38000
Achieved till now - Rs.43070 (113% approx.)


1.Kamaldeep Garg - Rs. 6000

2.Davinder kaur - Rs. 2000

3.Harminder Singh - Rs. 3000

4.Dashmeet Kaur - Rs. 500

5.Gurvinder Dhanoa - Rs. 31570

Contact us at, 1800 121-2009 (Toll Free).

Recent Updates

31st January, 2018: Hearing aids for both the ears have been provided to Manjot Kaur. Rs 38000 have been paid to the Medicaid Healthcare Hospital in Amritsar. And the remaining amount of Rs 5070 has been added to the NGO funds.