Contribute for Sukhbeer Singh, a spinal cord injury victim since 2014.

" I can and I will, I am not the weak, shaken or broken."

Fully Funded

Sukhbeer Singh (Spinal cord injury victim)

Sukhbeer Singh is suffering from severe spinal cord injuries since 2014 and never undergone any formal treatment. His father drives auto rickshaw and he has specific source of income. The multiple spinal cord injuries resulted in paralysis of almost all body parts. Smiles.Care is supporting him for his complete medical treament as well as for his living including his food and general expense, so that he does not become burden on any family member. The case has been taken up by Mandeep Kaur Sidhu - the founder personally. We need continous help urgently to start helping Sukhbeer Singh.

Funds to be raised - Rs.32300
Achieved till now - Rs.32300 (100%)


1. Devender Singh Dhillon - Rs. 500
2. Mandeep Singh - Rs. 10000
3. Pritpal Singh - Rs. 1000
4. Gurwinder Singh - Rs. 200
5. Sunny Goyal - Rs. 5000
6. Ramandeep - Rs. 1500
7. Ravikumar sajjan - Rs. 200
8. Bhanu - Rs. 2000
9. Sandeep Singh - Rs. 300
10. Sanjay Bhatt - Rs. 1100
11. Jatin Tuteja - Rs. 500
12. Sumanjit Mahal - Rs.10000.15

Contact us at, 1800 121-2009 (Toll Free).

Recent Updates

2nd November, 2017: Sukhbeer singh do not want to join rehabilitation center as of now, which was advised to him. We have handed over all the raised funds to him for his medicines and living. We have closed funding as of now as the patient is not ready to undergo treatment as advised by our volunteer medical consultants.

14th July, 2017: A team of doctors from CMC Ludhiana and volunteers from Spinal Cord Injury Association, Jalandhar reviewed Sukhbeer Singh today. We are gearing up to start his treatment as soon as possible.

2nd July, 2017: Our Team is visiting a spinal cord injury rehabilitation center tomorrow for a road map for Sukhbeer's treatment. Our team is also helping Sukhbeer Singh to get his bank account open soon. Our team has decided to help him also for his personal expense too for his living along with the medical treatment. The amount for first round of funding has been finalized to Rs. 2,00,000 as of now.