Sukhdev Singh

Sukhdev Singh, currently admitted in Holy Heart Hospital, Amritsar needs urgent attention. Two valves of his heart needs to be changed urgently. Our team surveyed the case and we need to gather Rs. 1,50,000.

Funds to be raised - Rs. 1,50,000
Achieved till now - Rs.1,68,816 (112% approx.)


1. Vishal Pandey: Rs. 1500

2. Balwinder Singh: Rs. 10000

3. Veerpal Kaur: Rs. 10000

4. Narinder Kaur: Rs. 4000

5. Karandeep Singh: Rs. 25000

6. Kamaldeep Singh: Rs. 108316

6. Poonam Rana: Rs. 10000

Contact us at, 1800 121-2009 (Toll Free).

Recent Updates

3rd May, 2018: Purchased grocery of worth Rs.3496/- and till now funds of Rs. 1,43,496/- has been given.

12th March, 2018: Rs.89500/- has been paid to Holy Heart Hospital, Amritsar and till now Rs. 1,40,000/- has been given to the hospital. The surgery of patient is successfully completed.

8th March, 2018: Rs.50500 has been given to Holy Heart Hospital, Amritsar for the treatment of Mr. Sukhdev Singh.