Contribute for Tania, who is under going treatment as she was suffering from pneumonia.

Fully Funded


We seek your contribution to help baby Tania who is under going treatment as she is suffering from pneumonia. Her daily expense is Rs.10000-12000. Her father is only sole earner. The condition of baby Tania is still critical. We wish together we help the needy family with Rs.50,000. The baby is currently admitted to Deep Hospital, Ludhiana. We need your help to cure baby Tania from pneumonia. The case has been reviewed by Upjeet Singh Grover.

Funds to be raised - Rs.50000
Achieved till now - Rs.54600 (109% approx.)


1.Prabhjot Kaur - Rs. 1000

2.Rajat Baghla - Rs. 600

3.Anonymous - Rs. 3000

4.Manwinder Singh Walia - Rs. 50000

Contact us at, 1800 121-2009 (Toll Free).