Evening School Activities

This page covers the events and activities conducted for the evening school kids.

Holi Celebration At Evening School (09 March 2020)

Students of Smiles Care evening school celebrated the Holi by painting and crafting the Happy Holi logo.

Happy 71st Republic Day Celebration (26 January 2020)

We celebrated 71st Republic Day with our Smiles Care evening school students. We are thankful to Colonel Ratnakar Trivedi Ji & his team presence among us. Our students performed on a patriotic song and painted tricolor theme arts. We are thankful to Col Trivedi Ji & his team for bringing yummy refreshments for our students.

Lohri Celebration At Evening School (15 January 2020)

Lohri comes with immense energy and always bring happiness. We celebrated the auspicious event of Lohri with Smiles Care evening school students. Students performed various cultural activities.

Sports Meet At Evening School (29 November 2019)

We conducted a sports meet among Smiles.Care evening school kids. Regular sports sessions are important part of mental and physical development of kids, and we are happy to engage our kids. The enthusiasm among the kids was immense.

Children's Day Celebration (14 November 2019)

Today, We celebrated the Children`s Day in our Smiles Care campus with our students. It was a great evening with the Children. We had played different fun games and distributed gifts and snacks. Our teachers shared the importance of the day with students.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji's 550th Birthday Celebration (11 November 2019)

On the occasion of Guru Nanak's 550th Lighting Day, words were sung by the children of the institutes and they were introduced to the teachings of Guru Sahib. The experience at the Smiles Care Library was a great opportunity for the children.

Diwali Celebration (26 October 2019)

We celebrated the auspicious Diwali with the Smiles Care NGO Students. It was a great fun evening for the students. Students celebrated Diwali by painting diyas and let us inspire our children to celebrate pollution free Diwali in near future also.

Teacher Day Celebration (5 September 2019)

Our team celebrated a teachers day in our Smiles Care Campus.Our NGO students write their thoughts on sheets.Students also make teacher cards with hands. It was a great experience for the kids.

Monthly Event & PTA Meet (30 August 2019)

Our team arranged Parents Meeting for NGO Kids in our Smiles Care Campus.Students also participated in different activities. All parents and team have so much fun in this event.

Traffic Rules & Road Safety Activity (20 August, 2019)

Our team conducted a Traffic Rules & Road Safety activity today in our Smiles Care Campus where Children were briefed about the traffic safety and road accidents. It was a fun learning experience for the kids.

Art and Craft Competition(Theme - Rakhi and Independence Day) (14 August, 2019)

Our team conducted an Art and Craft Competition at our office premises today. Children crafted the Rakhis and tri-color Badges beautifully. Top students were rewarded with gifts which were sponsored by Mr. Rahul Rewari. At last fruits were distributed among the Children which were sponsored by Mr. Surjit Singh.

Meet and Great with Doraemon (28 July 2019)

Great fun with NGO kids enjoyed with Doremon Characters at Tata's Trillium Mall, Amritsar.The kids had a very entertaining time and also got Free Gift hampers. We all enjoyed.

High Tea party (30 May, 2019)

High Tea party with Acadamic achievers of the NGO Smiles Care.

Second Theatre Workshop (25 May, 2019)

Conducted a free theatre workshop by Vishal Sharma (Sifar Theatre). Children enjoyed a lot while learning basic skills of theatre.

Surprise Cake (23 May, 2019)

So much fun to have Surprise cake by a donor for the NGO Kids. We all enjoyed.

First Theatre Workshop (19 May, 2019)

Conducted a free theatre workshop by Vishal Sharma (Sifar Theatre). Children enjoyed a lot while learning basic skills of theatre.

History of Vaisakhi (13 April, 2019)

Conducted a lecture for evening school kids where we describe the history of Vaisakhi.

Dictation Competition (16 February, 2019)

Conducted Punjabi dictation competition in the Smiles Care evening class on 16th February, 2019.

Basics of Microsoft Office (9 February, 2019)

Conducted the "Basics of Microsoft Office" session in the Smiles Care evening class. Children were taught the basics Microsoft Office package and its usage.

Kho Kho Game (2 February, 2019)

We conducted the Kho Kho Competition today in our Smiles Care evening school today. It was full of fun and enthusiasm. Sportsman spirit and team coordination are two elements of any physical game. Children gave their best. The winning team awarded with gifts and participating certificates. HDFC Branch Manager, Village Tangra and his staff participated in today's game and cheered the kids.

Republic Day Celebration (25 January, 2019)

Celebrated 70th anniversary of Republic Day by conducting a drawing activity of the Preamble To Our Constitution in the Smiles Care evening school. Children learned the importance of the Preamble and fruits were Distribute.

Lohri Celebration and Kite Flying Competition (12 January, 2019)

We celebrated Lohri along with our staff members and Smiles Care evening school kids by conducting a Kite Flying competition.

Photography Session (1 November, 2018)

"A picture is worth a thousand words" A photo describes an emotion in a better way than words. To enrich the photography skills from grass root level in kids, yesterday we conducted a photography session in Smiles.Care evening school, Village Tangra. Children were taught about the basic camera terminology. It was a wonderful experience for children.

Badminton Match (17 October, 2018)

We conducted a Badminton Match among Smiles.Care evening school kids on 17th october 2018. The match conducted among four teams and they showed their sportsman spirit. Regular sports sessions are a part of physical and mental development and here we understand this thing.

Birthday Celebration of Upjeet Singh (15 October, 2018)

It has been more than a year, since Upjeet Singh Grover has joined our NGO Smiles.Care. He has become an important part of our team. Our NGO kids celebrated his birthday in his absence. We are thankful to God and always wish for loads of happiness and blessings for him.

Birds Feeder Making (10 October, 2018)

Evening School Kids made "Bird feeders" collectively to help the birds. The innocence behind this idea was so adorable and heartwarming. We must learn to help and care the fellow species.

Savings and Basics of Banking (3 October, 2018)

Mr. Rishi Arora , Branch Manager of HDFC Bank delivered a guest lecture to the NGO kids on "Savings and Basics of Banking" on 3rd October 2018.

A session on Personal Hygiene (19 September, 2018)

A session on Personal Hygiene was conducted in the evening school, Village Tangra by the team Smiles.Care. Children were engaged in question answering session related to the personal hygiene and they were educated on how they can maintain hygiene and stay away from diseases.

Football Match (12 September, 2018)

We conducted a Football Match among Smiles.Care evening school kids on 12th September 2018.

Teacher's day (5 September, 2018)

On the occasion of teachers day, we shared the life lessons of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan and Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam with the NGO kids. The class started with the philosophies of the late Dr.S. Radhakrishnan and the significance of the teachers day and session followed by a science activity. Kids imitated their favourite teachers and best performance got prize as well.

National Sports Day (29 August, 2018)

We conducted a sports session among Smiles.Care evening school kids on the National Sports Day on 29th August 2018. Regular sports sessions are important part of mental and physical development of kids, and we are happy to engage our kids. The enthusiasm among the kids was immense

Session on solid waste management in Smiles.Care evening school

A session on solid waste management in Smiles.Care evening school, where kids were taught how they can reuse the solid material, such as plastic to avoid damage to the environment. The session followed by an activity how students can reuse the plastic bottles as pots in homes.

A session on "Self defence and Good touch & Bad touch"

Palak Kundra from Amritsar wishes to make changes in the society through her words and actions. She has recently written a book "Bleeding Queens". We are thankful to her for presenting the book to us and also conducting a session for my evening school kids on "Self defence and Good touch & Bad touch".

High Tea Party at Hyatt Amritsar

Our Smiles.Care evening school kids visited Hyatt, Amritsar for high tea party sponsored by Ms. Gurleen Kaur. The visit was full of fun and enthusiasm and kids enjoyed a lot.

Vaisakhi Celebration at NGO Tangra Evening School.

We celebrated the auspicious day of Vaisakhi in our NGO Tangra Evening School along with kids. Kids recited Mool Mantra Path, Remembered the importance of the day, kids performed kirtan along with musical instruments and there were many competitions among them. Prizes were given to the winner kids.

Distributed First Aid Kit

A team of doctors from E.M.C Hospital, Amritsar delivered a knowledgeable lecture on First Aid on World Health Day in our NGO. We are thankful for the demonstration given to the kids. We are thankful to our donors who have helped us, who arranged free first aid boxes for the kids of our NGO.

Gurpurab Diwas of Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji.

The auspicious day of Gurpurab diwas of Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji has been celebrated on 5th April 2018 in our NGO. NGO kids recited Mool Mantra Path, Remembered life events of Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji. Fruits were shared among the NGO kids.

A visit to Celebration Mall, Amritsar along with NGO kids.

An anonymous donor sponsored 30 movie tickets of "Hichki". We watched the movie together and had lunch at Mcdonald at Celebration Mall, Amritsar on 1st April 2018 sponsored by an anonymous donor.

Sikh Environment Day - 2018

Sikh Environment Day, The new year day as per Sikh Nanakshahi as well as coronation of the 7th Guru, Guru Har Rai Ji celebrated in our NGO. This day reminds us to have forever respect for our mother nature.

Holi Celebration – 2018

At our NGO, We celebrated the festival of colors among our NGO kids. We organized different competition like painting competition, Rangoli competition, and some balloon games. Prizes were given to the winner kids.

Celebrated Gurpurab of Baba Deep Singh Ji (25 January, 2018)

We celebrated the Gurpurab of the great sikh warrior Baba Deep Singh ji with our NGO kids. We conducted different competitions like Ardaas competition, Shabad competition and Mool Mantra competition among kids. The life journey of Baba Deep Singh ji was shared among kids by the staff memebers of the NGO and Langar was shared among kids and staff members of the NGO.

Lohri Celebration (13 January, 2018)

We celebrated the auspicious day of Lohri with our NGO kids.There were different competitions among NGO kids based on cultural background of Punjab like Suhaag Competion,Giddha Competition, and Kite making competition. Winners were awarded with prizes.Staff memebers of the organization also gave their guidance to kids and appreciated their performances.

Celebrated Gurpurab of Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji with NGO kids (6 January, 2018)

On the auspicious day of Gurupurab of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji we celebrated with our Ngo Kids. The event started with the recitation of Mool Mantra and we organized competitions among kids wherein they participated and recited Poems and teachings of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji and we also had Langar with the NGO kids.

Card Making – New Year Celebrations(1 January, 2018)

Our NGO Kids made beautiful New Year cards all from their heart.

Parents Meeting (30 December, 2017)

Parents Meeting - 2017. Ideologies of Smiles.Care evening school were shared among the parents of Smiles.Care evening school kids.

Christmas Celebration (23 December, 2017)

Christmas is a great festival of the year. We celebrated the day with NGO kids on 23rd December 2017 and Santa distributed the exciting gifts among them.

Tributes to the supreme sacrifices of Chaar Sahibzadas by NGO kid (26 December, 2017)

NGO kids Commemorated the martyrdom of Chaar Sahibzadas and paid tributes to the supreme sacrifices of our Guru Sahib’s whole family.

Marriage anniversary celebration with NGO (27 October, 2017)

Ms. Mandeep Kaur Tangra (Founder of Smiles.Care) celebrated her marriage anniversary among kids of the NGO on 27th October, 2017.

Kho-Kho game at Smiles.Care evening school (10 September, 2017)

We conducted finale of KHO KHO on 10th September, 2017. Kids participated with full zest.

Teacher's Day Celebration (5 September, 2017)

Celebrated the teachers day among NGO kids by playing Lucky Draw game with kids.

Independence Day Celebration (15 August, 2017)

On the day of independence, We conducted essay competition on “How can you contribute to the growth of your nation”. Kids participated with full zest and penned their ideas on paper very well. Top scorers were awarded with prizes. With the increasing influence of the western countries, we took the initiative to teach them about our rich heritage and culture.

Examine different zones of flame of burning candle(9 August, 2017)

Our students examining the different zones of flame of burning candle.

Raksha Bandhan celebration (7 August, 2017)

We celebrated the most auspicious and loving bond between a brother and a sister among charming kids of our NGO on 7th August 2017. The sisters ties Rakhi on their brother's wrist and we had snacks together afterwards.

An activity to draw the Viral Diseases Viruses (1 August, 2017)

We conducted an activity to draw the Viral Diseases Viruses and knowing about them in detail, on 1st August, 2017. The students drew the diagrams of different types of viruses that causes diseases and learnt about them. The purpose was to make them aware about the deadly viruses and remain hygienic. Students were taught how viruses spread, attack and can kill slowly.

Celebrated birthday of Mr. Jobanjit Singh (29 july 2017)

Mr. Jobanjit celebrated his birthday among NGO kids. We had snacks together. The entire staff along with kids played musical chairs game.

International Mango Day (22 july 2017)

Our kids at Smiles.Care evening school Tangra, celebrated International Mango Day. We had a session on types of mangoes and also had One minute Mango eating competition.

Celebrated birthday of Mr. Gurjit Singh (21 july 2017)

Gurjit celebrated his birthday among Smiles.Care NGO kids. He devoted the day to beloved souls. Give to those who need the most and make someone smile is what he believes in.

Celebrated birthday of Mrs. Arpinder Kaur Ji (19 july 2017)

Mrs. Arpinder Kaur Ji celebrated her birthday among Smiles.Care NGO kids.

Smiles.Care - Dumb Shell Arts (16 july 2017)

Children participated with full enthusiasm and enjoyed a lot.

Jugaad Innovation (23 June 2017)

Innovation is the synonym of child’s creativeness as they are one of the greatest and cutest creation of God on the earth. When they innovate something new, it develops immense confidence inside them. Let us try to help kids to explore beyond boundaries. We conducted Jugaad innovation Activity for NGO kids on 23rd June 2017.

Father’s Day (18 June 2017)

Parents are the ultimate role models for children. Every word, movement, and action has an effect. No other person or outside force has a greater influence on a child than the parent -Bob Keeshan. A play on Father's day performed by Smiles.Care evening schools kids.

Mannequin Challenge (8 of June 2017)

We conducted Mannequin contest for NGO kids as recreational activity on 8th of June 2017. Education is not all about getting good marks and getting ready oneself for more and more marks. It’s all about learning and having some fun too. Mannequin challenge contest has been organized for kids as a fun activity and they participated with full enthusiasm.

World Environment Day (5 June 2017)

Smiles.Care celebrated World Environment Day 2017 at Tangra. Kids recited poems in English, Hindi, Punjabi, and crafted their creativities on papers to spread awareness about burning issues like Global Warming.

Quiz Competition (27 May 2017)

Sharing the knowledge is the best way to gain knowledge. Quiz, a module, that builds up the confidence of an intellectual, and hence, improves his/her knowledge. The students participated in the quiz, with full enthusiasm. The quiz targeted their general awareness, historical fact knowledge, qualitative reasoning and basic IQ. The students showed their quickness and correctness, and the best guesses too, with a smile.

Mother’s Day (14 May 2017)

Mother is the second name that comes after God. We at Smiles.Care is perpetually emphasizing on this truth. We celebrated Mother’s day among kids by making greeting cards for mothers.

Vaisakhi Celebration (13 April 2017)

Vaisakhi – 2017. On the auspicious day of Vaisakhi, we conducted various cultural activities at Smiles.Care campus for kids and had snacks together.