Fully Funded

Surinder Singh

More than one third of population in India earn on an average of less than 100 rupees per day and If any calamity hits the family then its really hard for them for their survival. Surinder Singh is a migrated daily wage labourer from Faridkot who migrated to Rayya, Amritsar in search of his livelihood with his family. Somehow, he was able to manage bread & butter and room rent for his family with his little earning from his daily wage. But a disaster came to his family in the form of his son’s accident in which his son was badly injured and this accident broke the family financially and emotionally. Some how he arranged the money for the medical treatment of his son but it landed up the family in financial distress now he had his rent due from last five months which is total 10500 rupees. He approached us with his financial problem and we helped him by giving him a cheque of 7500 rupees to pay his rent, 3000 rupees for general expenses and live with his dignity.

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